manual dispenser

Scent Ticket®

Scent Ticket

Manual custom branded dispensing system for scented samples

Technology inspired by the ticket dispensers used for queues, now adapted and patented for fragrance samples. Each ticket brings the fragrance and additional information about the product, such as photos and texts. The customer only touches his sample making it safer and more hygienic.

Single and hygienic fragrance sampling for customers

Custom printed artwork

Highly cost effective solution

Designed to sit on-shelf or counter tops, in a variety of designs

Samples re-sealable and easy to share with friends or family

It is revolutionary in the world of perfumery

Scent Ticket POS

Brands and retailers must ensure that consumers can test products before purchase in a safe and hygienic way. Adhespack present Scent Ticket, an innovative solution for dispensing scented samples in a hygienic, personal, and simple way.

Scent Ticket does not just deliver a simple, hygienic customer test, but also has the ability to surprise and attract potential consumers, so it is positioned as a highly effective non-invasive advertising tool.
And, if that were not all, it will not only increase your brand awareness but also raise your sales conversion rate.




200.000 perfume tickets are produced with just 1Kg of fragrance concentrated oil.
A QR code can be added for promotions, discounts, or other communication... Tracking to calculate conversion rate.
Designed to be integrated into a totem, furniture or POS shelf.
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