Fragrance Sampling

We provide a variety of technology solutions for promoting perfumes.

Cosmetics Sampling

We offer sampling options that enable consumers to experience the color, appearance, and texture.

Makeup Green

Our 100% paper sampling solution for makeup products.

Scent Green Line

Our 100% paper sampling solution for fragrance products.
Adhespack Creative Sampling

A powerful and precise way to market your products.

With over 20 years of expertise, Adhespack Creative Sampling specializes in sampling technologies, creating innovative and impactful experiences for the beauty industry.

The know-how acquired for years participating in successful campaigns together with the largest perfumery and cosmetics brands in the world, allows Adhespack to offer interactive solutions for several product lines. These are patented technologies that bring the surprise effect to the consumer and cause a greater impact on promotional and advertising campaigns, consequently increasing sales and customer engagement with the brand.


Our high-quality services have earned the trust of the world's largest brands.


Our rigorous quality control ensures that our samples accurately represent the product.


We're always adapting to the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

Fragrance samples 100% paper!

We offer sampling options that are completely free of plastic and aluminum, biodegrade in just 154 days, and leave no harmful residue behind.
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Adhespack Creative Sampling technologies offer an effective and authentic approach to promoting cosmetics and fragrances. Our solutions are designed to create a visual impact and a sense of surprise, elevating the sampling experience for fragrance and makeup products.

Self Sampling

Self Sampling

our innovative automatic dispensing system for scented or makeup samples, revolutionizing the sampling process.
Scent Ticket

Scent Ticket

The technology has been adapted for fragrance samples, providing a delightful surprise for consumers at the point of sale.
Fragrance Sampling

Fragrance Sampling

With scented labels, your fragrances become unforgettable to customers as soon as they smell them.
Digital Sampling

Digital Sampling

Sending fragrance or makeup samples directly to customers can boost e-commerce conversion rates and reduce product returns.
Safe, Single use and Hygienic

Scent Ticket

Scent Ticket, a technology inspired by the password dispensers for queues, however, with adapted and patented technology for sampling perfumes. Each ticket contains the fragrance of the product and can bring additional information such as photos, texts and QR code.

Eco Friendly
100% paper option - Plastic-free and Aluminum-free.
Extra content
A QR code can be added for promotions, discounts,...
Custom designs
Designed to be integrated into a totem, furniture or shelf.


Adhespack's extensive experience collaborating with the world's leading perfumery and cosmetics brands on successful campaigns has enabled them to develop interactive solutions for multiple product lines.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We believe that by prioritizing social and environmental responsibility, we can make a positive impact on both our communities and the planet. As such, our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business operations and decision-making processes.

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