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Self Sampling Connect

Automatic custom branded dispensing system for scented samples and makeup

It brings two versions, the first version where the sample is released after a simple touch on the touch screen and the second version where a sample is released as soon as the consumer removes his without touching.

Self Sampling® is an innovative system for automatic sample distribution.

A fully automated system that dispenses a sample of fragrance or makeup.

The Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity provides real-time usage data and enables remote change of campaign imagery.


This product offers your brand the opportunity to pleasantly surprise customers with a new system that will not go unnoticed. Its digitisation allows us to gather useful information about the consumer through a cloud which connects to a mobile or web APP, and is easily integrated as a merchandising accessory, to optimise space.

Tablet Tela Report

The APP enables generate reports with campaign performance information by store, by region, by date, by time and by product.

Self Sampling Adhespack




Eliminates the need for a sales promoter.
Improved knowledge of consumers and their behaviour.
Creative and interactive consumer experience.
Each ticket sample is re-sealable to trial again later.
It helps to reduce mixture of fragrances in the sales environment, especially in Perfumeries and Travel Retail.
Thanks to its small size the device can be integrated in reduced furniture shelving into the pos or be part of a corner / podium animation, answering merchandising needs.
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