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Looking for an efficient and high-fidelity way to promote your cosmetics and perfumery products? Adhespack Creative Sampling has got you covered! Our innovative approach offers a dynamic and effective solution to showcase your products and make them stand out in the market. Contact us today to learn more.

Maximizing Customer Engagement: Delivering Samples to the Comfort of Your Client's Home

As e-commerce continues to gain prominence in consumers’ purchasing processes, increasing conversion rates and reducing product returns has become more crucial than ever. Our proposal is to send fragrance or makeup samples directly to customers to address these challenges. By allowing customers to experiment with the product at home, we stimulate their desire to buy and enhance their product exploration journey, resulting in higher conversion rates and lower return rates.

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How we can help:

Campaign design
We collaborate with the marketing team to develop tailored sampling solutions for each specific product, ensuring the best possible outcome.
We conduct email campaigns to evaluate consumer engagement, which includes aspects such as sample receipt, testing, purchase, and potential repeat purchase intentions.
Data Capture
We gather data throughout the entire process - from sample requests and e-commerce to the purchase process and post-sale.
Our services encompass sample production, as well as distribution and stock control management.
Our sample and follow-up messaging strategies aim to maintain consumers' purchase intentions and guide them towards completing the purchase.
We compile comprehensive campaign reports using the data we collect throughout the entire process. These reports enable brands to evaluate performance and validate their investment.


Adhespack provides detailed weekly campaign reports to brands, including the number of samples distributed by region, gender, and product, as well as data on how many customers received the sample, scanned the code, and visited the brand’s e-commerce outlets. Additionally, a follow-up survey is sent via email to assess customer engagement, including whether they received the sample, liked the fragrance, were interested in the product, made a purchase, and intend to buy again. Based on this information, Adhespack generates comprehensive research reports for the brand.

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Case OUi

The customer visits a customized hotsite, selects desired fragrances, and answers a few questions. Within days, a scented label card with a QR code is delivered, directing the customer to complete the purchase on the brand’s e-commerce site. This project is a collaboration with our partner,

Access the Hotsite.

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Choose the olfactory test.

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Fill in the fields.

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Receive at home.

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Try and buy.

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Over 30,000 cards were
requested in 1 week!