Scent Ticket

Scent Ticket

A dispensing system for scented samples that is manually operated

The Scent Ticket® is a technology inspired by the ticket dispensers for queues that applies adapted and patented technology for sampling perfumes. Each ticket contains the fragrance of the product and can also contain additional information such as photos, text, and QR codes.

Single and hygienic fragrance sampling for customers

Custom printed artwork

Highly cost effective solution

Designed to sit on-shelf or counter tops, in a variety of designs

Samples re-sealable and easy to share with friends or family

Ticket Scent Label

The Scent Ticket represents a revolutionary breakthrough

Scent Ticket POS

To ensure a safe and hygienic testing experience for customers, brands and retailers must provide a way to sample products before purchase. Adhespack has introduced an innovative solution to this challenge with Scent Ticket, which dispenses scented samples in a personal and simple way.

Scent Ticket® not only provides a clean and easy way for customers to test products, but it also has the potential to captivate and entice potential buyers, making it an effective non-intrusive advertising tool. Moreover, this product offers the opportunity to increase brand awareness and boost sales conversion rates, making it a valuable asset for businesses.

  • Say goodbye to messy and unhygienic testers – Scent Ticket ® provides individual, single-use samples that are completely hygienic.
  • Perfect for direct sales, in-store promotions, and events.
  • A cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fragrance testers.



Realistic toilet paper in rolls, white set. Sanitary absorbent paper, rolled around a cardboard cylinder. Vector illustration
sample separator

Cutting Box

Introducing our cutting-box (sample separator), a compact and versatile solution designed to fit seamlessly into any store furniture, including shelves, totems, table displays, and more.
With just a sample roll and our cutting-box, you can provide your customers with a safe and innovative sampling experience.


With only 1Kg of concentrated fragrance oil, it is possible to produce 200,000 perfume tickets
It is possible to add a QR code to enable promotions, discounts, or other forms of communication, as well as to track and calculate the conversion rate.
This product is designed for seamless integration into a totem, piece of furniture, or point-of-sale shelf.
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