Self Sampling

Self Sampling Connect

A dispensing system for scented samples that is automatic operated

Introducing Self Sampling®, our revolutionary system for automatic sample distribution, available in two versions. The first version allows customers to release the sample with a simple touch on the touch screen, while the second version releases the sample without any touch required as soon as the customer removes it.

This fully automated system dispenses a sample of fragrance or makeup, providing a safe and hygienic sampling experience.

Say goodbye to traditional testers and hello to the future of sampling with Self Sampling®.

Self Sampling® is an innovative system for automatic sample distribution.

A fully automated system that dispenses a sample of fragrance or makeup.

The Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity provides real-time usage data and enables remote change of campaign imagery. Upon request, for large quantities only.




Autonomous distribution of samples, eliminating the need for a sales promoter.

Innovative and creative consumer experience with interactive features.

Each sample ticket is re-sealable, allowing customers to test the product several times.

Designed for easy inclusion on store furniture, the device can be integrated into reduced shelving or be part of a podium animation, answering various merchandising needs.

Decreases environmental saturation of odors, particularly useful in perfumeries and travel retail to reduce the mixture of fragrances in the sales environment.

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