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Brazil’s perfume and cosmetic sampling company Adhespack has launched a new contact-free instore solution inspired by queue ticket dispensers. In times of pandemic, the solution has seduced numerous brands.

After having developed a pilot version of their new sampling solution for Brazilian brands Lux and EudoraAdhespack launched the final model in December 2020. Inspired by queue ticket dispensers, the so-called Ticket Scent solution has been adapted using an Adhespack patented technology to bear the perfume as well as additional product information, such as photos and texts.

The solution allows customers to interact with the product without physical contact with a tester bottle that could have be touched by other people or with a shop assistant. The samples are single-use and safe. In the midst of a pandemic, the solution quickly won over several international brands.

Perfect timing

Ticket Scent was conceived just before the pandemic, and appears as an excellent alternative at a time when consumers avoid sharing testers and stores are looking for safer, hygienic and individual options,” says Volney Camargo, CEO of Adhespack and creator of Ticket Scent.

Several brands of the Puig group – Carolina Herrera, Benetton, Antonio Banderas, Jean Paul Gaultier and Paco Rabanne – have thus opted for Ticket Scent to encourage perfume testing in airport duty free shops and shopping centers in Latin America, in the United States and in Europe.

In Brazil, Ticket Scent is already present in some stores of nation-wide chain retailers including O Boticário, Eudora, C&A, Riachuelo and Renner.

Customers want a safe, hygienic and single-use experience,” points out Sérgio Picciarelli, director of marketing and innovation at Adhespack. “It is also possible to apply a QR code on the back of the sample so that the consumer can buy later on e-commerce or access additional content,” adds Daniel Almeida, sales director.

International expansion

Building on this success, Adhespack expects a 50% increase in its turnover in 2021. In Spain, France and the UK, Adhespack’s solutions are distributed by Sampling Innovations. In Italy, their distributor is Publication Distribuzione.

In addition, to work more closely with its international clients, the company recently opened a sales office in Madrid, and will soon inaugurate another one in California.

By Vicent Gallon

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