LUXE PACK in green 2023 winners

Adhespack won Luxepack in Green award 2023

A pioneer in sustainable packaging, LUXE PACK has long understood that sustainability and environmental conservation are amongst consumers’ main concerns.

For the past 14 years, the LUXE PACK in green Awards have been highlighting and rewarding the best sustainable packaging innovations and responsible initiatives of our exhibitors.

In 2023, we are pursuing our efforts to make sustainable development an integral part of the show with the aim of becoming THE global barometer of eco-responsible packaging trends for luxury brands.

Once again this year, the LUXE PACK in green awards attracted a large number of entries (52 for the two categories), and exhibitors presented their best packaging innovations and CSR initiatives to the members of the jury.

Four companies were nominated in category 1 “Best Sustainable Packaging Innovation“: AdhespackFurlanisHolmen Iggesund and James Cropper.

In the end, it was ADHESPACK and its 100% paper perfume sample solution that took the prize! Plastic- and aluminum-free, these fragrance labels are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable in 154 days.

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