O Boticário is the first company to use samples with antiviral technology

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Adhespack is a pioneer in the world to provide samples of perfumes and makeup with a surface protected against viruses and bacteria

To offer greater security for those who are willing to go to one of its physical stores, O Boticário became the first company to use perfume and makeup samples with a surface protected against viruses and bacteria, developed by Adhespack , a pioneer in the world in antiviral sampling.

Gustavo Fruges,  brand director experience at Boticário

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been seeking to ensure a complete experience between the consumer and the brand, without losing emotion and our connection with the remarkable moments in the life of Brazilians, because our sector revolves around the sensorial, it passes through smell, touch ”, says Gustavo Fruges , director of brand experience at Grupo Boticário, who mentions other measures also adopted in stores, such as UVC equipment for cleaning tester products.

Fruges explains that the group already offered the tags to customers for trial, with optional membership for the store. “The point of contact between hands and nose is very sensitive and responsible for the contagion, not only of Covid-19, but of other viral and bacterial diseases. Thus, the antiviral varnish was a great solution, as it avoids cross-contamination by contact with viruses and bacteria”.

Proven effectiveness

Sergio Picciarelli , marketing and innovation director at Adhespack, says that samples with protection against viruses and bacteria were launched in September at Luxe Pack Monaco 2021. The product has undergone tests that meet two international standards (JIS Z 2801:2000 and ISO 21702:2019), which proved the effectiveness of the technology applied to the surface of the samples in preventing contamination by bacteria and viruses, including the Sars-CoV-2 alphacoronavirus, which is from the same family as the virus that causes Covid-19.


The extra protection, according to the executive, can be applied to the standard Adhespack line, which already has the advantage of being safe, hygienic and individual. “The tests showed that viruses and bacteria are unable to attach or multiply on the surface of samples that received nanotechnology, minimizing the risks of cross-contamination in the event that a person shares their sample”, he guarantees.

Sampling trends

Fruges believes that a strong trend is technologies that allow safe experimentation of products in the beauty market, guaranteeing an even more comfortable environment for consumers and store salespeople. The Group follows all safety protocols, such as handling products that are restricted to saleswomen, constant cleaning with 70 alcohol and the use of metallic plates and individual disposable brushes that make the experimentation of the products individualized. “Now, in an unprecedented way, we have launched a method capable of guaranteeing an even safer experimentation with the implementation of technology with high power ultraviolet C light for sterilization and disinfection of test products, including elimination of the Covid-19 virus from lipsticks and makeup that are used by clients”.

For the director of Grupo Boticário, the beauty sector is essentially sensorial, often depending on the delivery of these senses to choose the product. “Thus, we are preparing for this new reality in order to promote 100% safe shopping experiences. And this goes beyond products, as we want to make them responsibly, always taking care of everyone, from the beginning to the end of the process”.

The antiviral label can be found in Grupo Boticário stores throughout Brazil that have opted for the technology. “Adhespack is at the forefront and has been offering safe, hygienic and individual solutions for a long time and has now developed a line with extra protection”, adds Picciarelli.


by Estela Mendonça

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