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Ensuring Consumer Safety with Nano-based Antimicrobial Coatings

The applications of nano-enabled materials are spread across a myriad of sectors, including energy, medicine, construction, automobile, and agriculture. Nanoscale materials often have novel and unique properties that could be harnessed to improve the protection of workers exposed to traditional risks, such as in intelligent textiles to improve personal protective equipment. The advancements in nanotechnology have brought about a new wave of research on “non-traditional” antimicrobial compounds. This research has led to the development of Antimicrobial Coatings (AMCs).
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Adhespack is the first company in the world to launch perfume samples with protection against viruses and bacteria

Durante a pandemia, a Adhespack, empresa brasileira que oferece tecnologias de amostragem, já havia lançado o Ticket Scent, uma tecnologia inspirada nos dispensadores de senhas, mas com tecnologia adaptada e patenteada para distribuição de amostras individuais de perfume. As pesquisas para novos desenvolvimentos prosseguiram e, agora, a Adhespack tornou-se a primeira empresa de amostragem do mundo a oferecer uma opção de amostras de perfumes e maquiagem com superfície protegida contra vírus e bactérias.
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Health security puts the retail beauty experience in check

Most beauty retailers around the world remain closed or start opening their doors with a series of restrictions, but it is certain that these businesses will never again have the same contours they had when they were forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. . Temperature checks, mandatory masks for customers and employees, and strict rules for product experimentation are among the changes beauty retailers will face.
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