Cosmetic Sampling

Adhespack Creative Sampling

Looking for an efficient and high-fidelity way to promote your cosmetics and perfumery products? Adhespack Creative Sampling has got you covered! Our innovative approach offers a dynamic and effective solution to showcase your products and make them stand out in the market. Contact us today to learn more.

Makeup Sticker


This innovative product allows for a unique and accurate way to promote lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and powder. With a label containing the actual makeup, customers can experience the color and texture of the product.

Key Features:

  • Provides an accurate result of color and texture.
  • Safe, economical, and hygienic application.
  • Versatile for use in catalogs, magazines, cards, flyers, and more.

Adhespack Makeup Sticker

Makeup Card


Makeup Card is a card with a makeup sticker applied to it, providing a safe, economical, and hygienic way to promote lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and powder. The technology used in this product ensures an accurate result of color and texture, giving customers a better idea of the makeup product before purchasing.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive solution for promoting cosmetics. Featuring stunning visuals and persuasive text, this card also includes a Makeup Sticker to provide customers with a complete sensory experience, accurately displaying the color and texture of the product.
  • Provides an accurate result of color and texture.
  • Safe, economical, and hygienic application.

Adhespack Mekeupcard

Makeup Chart


The Makeup Chart is a comprehensive makeup sampling product that features several makeup options on a perforated card. Each option includes an accurate representation of color and texture, providing a complete sensory experience.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for presenting samples of multiple products and multiple shades.
  • Can be used as a tool to check color and texture accuracy.
  • Hygienic, single-use, and safe for customers to try the product.
  • Great for direct sales, e-commerce, and in-store displays.

Adhespack Makeup Chart



Sachet is an efficient and high-fidelity solution for product promotion or single-dose sales. A versatile tool long-known to the perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and hygiene, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Key Features:

  • Sachets are easy to distribute to customers, making them a convenient option for in-store promotions, events, and sampling programs;
  • Sachets are available in various materials as PP, Paper, Aluminum, PE, etc;
  • Single, double, or triple sizes.
  • Can be used as a complementary product to full-sized fragrance items.

Eco-line option:

  • Made of mono-material laminates which facilitate recycling;
  • Materials are ecologically friendly;
  • Eco-responsible alternative with less plastic percentage and no aluminium.

Adhespack Sachet



Tubes stand out for their versatility and the way they present the product. They can be made in various shapes and structures. The possibility of using various caps, such as flip-top, disc top, screw, mushroom, among others, add the final touch to your product line.

Key Features:

  • Customizable: Tubes can be designed in various sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your specific product needs.
  • Portability: Tubes are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Hygienic: Tubes can be designed with features such as tamper-evident seals to ensure product integrity and safety.
  • Controlled dispensing: Tubes can be equipped with various types of caps to control product dispensing and prevent waste.
  • Tubes can be made from eco-friendly materials and designed for recyclability, providing a sustainable packaging option for environmentally conscious consumers.

Adhespack Tube